Brake Metal Solutions 

Designed and fabricated to enhance curb appeal

Our made-to-order brake metal solutions provide designers, architects, general contractors and window contractors.  Our highly qualified technicians and up-to-date equipment enable us to meet the most challenges requirements. We can bend aluminum and steel sheets to different degrees using hydraulic brake equipment.

Brake Metal and Cladding Applications

Architectural Aluminum Claddings

We offer high-quality, esthetically attractive aluminum cladding solutions for a large variety of uses, including in residencial and commercial buildings. There are various types of metal that can be used in cladding, but aluminium has become very popular because its weight,  flexibility, resistant to corrosion, sustainability and overall durability.

Column Covers

For glass and glazing contractors, we provide custom-made column covers in aluminum brake metals or sheet metals to closely match windows and doors frame profiles.  Column covers are aesthetic components needed to give the finished look to a window installation by concealing (wrapping up) structural steel members, including columns and beams.

Interior Covers

For interior applications, we offer design professionals a large variety of custom-made metal solutions to cover joins between two disimilar materials. Our products are excellent solutions to provide aesthetically attractive transitions between one dissimilar material to the other.

Cladding Existing Structures

Before and After Pictures

With Metallum Industries, you can custom fabricate solutions to clad or wrap up your existing steel structures to significantly enhance their aesthetics. We can help you hide construction defects.

Cladding Existing Structures

Before and After Pictures

For this single-family residence, we were hired to wrap up two recently built canopies in white aluminum finish. On this picture, you can see the front elevation canopy. We were also commissioned to clad a large canopy in the rear elevation of this waterfront property in Miami, Florida.

Above you can see the type of shop drawings that we prepare in 3D in order to plan and design the fabrication of the brake sheets and where the seams will show.

Metal Fabrication Applications

New Construction Structures

For general contractors, as well window contractors, we can custom fabricate and install steel structures to properly anchor the installation of impact-resistant windows, doors and storefront systems.

Bay Window Stuctures

For window contractors, we offer custom-made steel solutions for proper anchoring of bay windows.

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